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Catalytics Frameworks & Accelerators are Next-Gen Analytics Solutions fuelled with real-time Analytics, Enterprise Readiness & Seamless CeX, for the purpose of scaling up business Digitally with business intelligence, making the business process hassle free, with negligible overheads ensuring the growth and profitability with more accuracy in business planning & strategizing the decision making based on forecast through predictive Modelling, Big Data, AI and Data- Driven Next Gen Approach.


Market Mentor

What Makes Market Mentor Top Market Analysis Solution?

  • Tailor your marketing
  • Pitch to unlock the key
  • To your customer's
  • wallet.

Seamless tracking of marketing activities

Real-time tracking, measurement of all marketing & promotional activities with the addition of Trade Promotion Forecasting & Optimization for future planning & simulation.

Latest trends & insights on Rol, Effectiveness

Latest Trends & Insights from market to offer 360 view of the customer needs. Real-time recommendation system and Customer loyalty management

Harmonization of internal & external data

Live Integration with POS E-Commerce Terminals for real-time offer management empowered by Machine Learning & Al for Seamless services

Al-driven Introspection into trade & promo

Al-Driven introspection to offer products at right time to the right customer simultaneous planning of your Cross-sell, up-sell & Combo offers to drive customer engagement


What speciality have made E-Commerce Watch most effective?

  • Pitch Your Market Based
  • On Customer
  • Sentiments.

Customer sentiment & social listening

Integration with most of the E-commerce Channels: Amazon, E-bay, Alibaba, Twitter, Instagram for seamless tracking of NPS Customer Ratings & Pricing

AI, NLP & multiple language detection

Distinguish Customer pain points & topic of complaints & compliments from Natural languages (English, Spanish, German etc.) with real-time alerts about unhappy customers.

Benchmark against competition & analytics

Blend of Cloud Mobility & real-time analytics helps you compare your brand competitors & keeps in attune to the voice of the customer in a single frame.

Brand Positioning based on KPIs

Identify brand positioning amongst the competitors on Pricing Quality Sales Support Appearance etc. in the same domain of E-commerce.


How BUSINESSIQ helps reduce your data analysis burden & save your time?

  • Boost your Market
  • Smartness & Intelligence

Flexible Scaling with CRM & ERP

Integrate at scale with any 3rd Party CRM & ERP Application with real-time reporting for Sales revenue, profitability & Customer engagement.

Growth Driven Sales & Revenue Planning

Forecasting and Simulation for experimenting the growth with curated Al & ML algorithms to produce most accurate planning for customer engagement

Optimized Vendor & Account Management

Evaluate plus Forecast Brands & Vendor level revenue as well as growth with an estimate of account level engagement & risks.

Demand Driven Stock Management

Reactive inventory forecasting & Trend detection to reduce stock piling plus demand planning with >90% accuracy

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